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Simple &

Minimal Design

Ever since we started Cyrus, we always wanted a simple and minimal experience. Cyrus has one of the most minimal designs and layouts you won't see in any other App Installers.

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Designed and Made

for iOS

Cyrus is available for iDevices running iOS 7 all the way to iOS 11. Everything in Cyrus has been tested on iOS to make sure that your device can use it.

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Cyrus was created off the idea of minimalism and simplicity. You won't see anything that doesn't need to be there. Just the simple stuff on your screen. It's even that simple to install your favorite apps.


Cyrus is encrypted with SSL, which means all your data is safe. All private data you have stays private. Only you know what apps you download. The Entire System is locked so nobody takes your data. Your iDevice is safe as well. No restarting or resetting needed.


Cyrus is completely free to use. Yep, completely free. We only run off a few ads and donations from users. Donations and ads help us get support for the things we love doing and let us add more amazing features to Cyrus.

No Jailbreak

Cyrus was designed for the basic user, not full-on expert. No knowledge of repositorys and side-loading required. All you need is Cyrus to install your favorite apps. No wires or dongles needed. Cyrus has been compacted down for users. If you are an expert, you can hide all the things you don't want. If you are new, just open everything up!


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Watch this video about Cyrus Installer to see more features.


We have put all our Apps and Content into these 6 Categories


Apps that let you play your favorite retro games, like GBA4iOS and PPSSPP.


Apps that let you listen to music and watch videos, such as Setbeat and AeroTV.

Social Media

Modified Social Media apps that have more features, like Snapchat ++ and Spotify ++.

Tweaked Apps

Tweaked apps and games that give you exclusive In-Game Content like Pokemon GO ++.

Other Apps

Apps that don't fit into the other categories have their own categories here.

Themes & Tweaks

A category with Non-Jailbreak Themes and Tweaks for your iDevice.

Cyrus, a reliable third-party app installer with an amazing, highly active team that takes feedback and constantly optimizes for its users!

Terranuex gaming


Cyrus is the most simple yet elegant solution to offloading apps. I use this app for my everyday life and honestly couldn't live without it!



My favorite things are how the creator of Cyrus is always interacting with his supporters and also all the tweaked apps and themes.



The fact that you guys give something to the people and dont need anything in return! People with small money accounts can enjoy tweaks!



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