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Cyrus Installer is a free iOS Installer for Non-Jailbroken Devices. No need of any dongles, payments, computers, wires, nothing. Just your iDevice and a connection. Super Simple, Super Easy, and Completely free. Check out some of Cyrus's amazing features below.


Simple & Minimal Design

Ever since we started Cyrus, we always wanted a simple and minimal experience. Cyrus has one of the most minimal designs and layouts you won't see in any other App Installers. Elegance, Simplicity, and Minimalism are pillars of Cyrus. Everything is made to match with the rest of your device. And if you don't like it, you can change how Cyrus appeals to you with the custom layout changer.


Designed and Made for iOS

Cyrus is designed and made for iOS 7, all the way to iOS 11 and above. You can be on any iDevice running anything between iOS 7 to 11. Made forAcross the board compatibility. No latency, no lag, just smooth sailing from here.


No need to 🔥 through your wallet.

Cyrus is completely free to use. Yep, completely free. We only run off a few ads and donations from generous and thoughtful users. Donations and ads help us get support for the things we love doing and let us add more amazing features to Cyrus. Even our premium service, Cyrus VIP is completely free. Nothing will cost you even a penny.


Secure, Safe, and Reliable.

Cyrus is encrypted with SSL, which means all your data is safe. All private data you have stays private. Only you know what apps you download. Cyrus doesn't void your iDevice's warranty, so no need to buy a new device if it stops working. No restarting or resetting needed. We are completely reliable as well. If you have a question, just tweet us @CyrusAnswers or email us at Make sure to check out @CyrusInstaller on Twitter for the latest updates as well.

The Library

Simple, Easy, and Navigational

Cyrus's Library is full of amazing content that you can reach easily without no problems. There are 5 App Categories along with CyrusVIP and Themes & Tweaks. Emulators, Entertainment, Social Media, Tweaked Apps and Other Apps. Putting apps in these categories along with the sleek interface make it insanely easy to use.


No Revokes, Tons of Apps, and Free.

CyrusVIP is a free service that offers no revokes, meaning you can have your apps for a pretty long time without reinstallation. There are also 140+ Curated apps from amazing sources, along with our own amazing apps.

For all you aspiring developers and geeks out there, a Self-IPA Signer to sign all your creations without the need of a computer.

Coming Soon

In the News

Extra, Extra, Hear All About it!

Cyrus has been mentioned on many Websites such as Redmond Pie, Yalu Jailbreak.Net, and WCCF Tech. Along with these, we have been shown on YouTube channels such as iDeviceHelp, TheHackSpot, iReviews, and The Macintosh Review.



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